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Renderings | Design | Marketing

Since 2007, VIZ Graphics has evolved into full-service design and web studio with competency across a variety of industries. For organization purposes, we have consolidated our service offering into 3 primary categories.


rendering service

3d Interior & Exterior Renderings
3d Cutaway Renderings & Illustrations
3d Technical Renderings & Illustrations
3d Product Renderings




design service

 Custom Home Design & Remodeling
 Product Design & Development
 Technical Documentation 
Custom Presentations





 Responsive Websites
 Interactive Sales Centers
 SEO/Social Media Marketing
 Logo Designs & Branding



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About Us

Don't mean to brag, but we're kind of a big deal

team 1

Eric Scott - Founder, President

15+ years in Architectural Field

Bread & Butter
3D Renderings & Modeling
Custom Design Consulting
Product Design Consulting
Conceptual Design

team 1

Jesse Schultz - Graphic Designer, Vice President

15+ years in Graphic Design

Bread & Butter
Website Design and Production
Interactive Presentations
Search Engine Marketing
Logo and Branding Design


Founded in 2007 by Eric Scott and located in Denver, CO. Visualize (VIZ) Graphics, Inc. is a full-service rendering, design and marketing studio providing 3d Architectural Renderings & Illustrations, 3d Technical Renderings & Illustrations, Website Design & Production, Custom Design Consulting and Sales & Marketing Packages for a multitude of industries. Our team of passionate professionals combines over 30 years of industry experience creating high-impact graphics for both print and web. How did we get to where we are? We’ll show you.

VIZualize if you will (pun intended) the 1980’s. The setting, a 5th grade birthday party. Eric in attendance first meets Jesse Schultz. Arriving on the back of his dad’s Harley, Jesse made quite the entrance dropping his helmet on the driveway after revealing his long flowing mullet to the birthday party attendees. These two wouldn’t cross paths again until high school but that moment would be defined as the first encounter between Eric Scott and Jesse Schultz.

Fast-forward to 1996. The two are now close friends enrolled in the same Architectural Drafting class. After completing the design portion of an assignment Eric & Jesse create their first 3D renderings of a custom kitchen. Now granted, Eric’s kitchen was 400sq ft. and Jesse’s had 4 sinks but they are dreamers and that still applies today.

1st-final-renderIn 2007 Eric starts VIZ Graphics after working as an Illustrator for a very successful architectural firm in Denver for the past 9 years. Recognizing the tangible impact his renderings and custom graphics can provide, he doesn’t want to constrain his solutions to only one market. He knew VIZ Graphics could serve as a conduit between a dreamer and their dream, all while maintaining a level of customer service unparalleled in the industry. He recruits Jesse who now has 9 years experience as a Graphic Designer in both a full-service marketing agency and growing web/seo firm located in Boulder, CO. It doesn’t take long before the team is developing creative solutions for clients nationwide. 

Now in their 7th year, VIZ Graphics has built a reputation for offering the highest quality service and experience in creating 3D Architectural Renderings and Illustrations, Technical Renderings & Illustrations, effective 3D Modeling, innovative Website Design Solutions and Creative Sales Packages. With our customized­­ Real Estate Marketing Packages, VIZ Graphics, Inc. provides the sales and realization tools you need to turn your project into REALITY.

Please contact us to learn more about bringing your project to life, or to learn how YOU cultivate a handsome mullet of your own.



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