August Marketing Trends

  • Posted by VIZ Graphics
  • On August 31, 2020

Building cutaway renderings and the benefit to using them in your marketing collateral.

At VIZ, we use renderings, tours and other visual media to tell stories. One of our “secret weapons” in the arsenal of visual sales tools is our 3d building cutaway renderings. In August we focused on these types of renderings and more importantly, how to utilize them in your marketing strategy.


What is a 3d Cutaway Rendering?

You’re looking at it. It’s a 3d rendering where certain layers and sections are exposed. These exposed areas show areas within the structure you normally don’t see when a building is complete. We use 3d modeling to create every one of our cutaway renderings. You can expect each detail from foundation to roof, and other elements to be exactly how you’d find them in real life.


What is a cutaway rendering used for?

Building cutaway renderings are a great asset to have in your marketing tool bag. There’s a lot of applications for a cutaway rendering, but here are the top 5 ways you can use a cutaway rendering.

  1. Show product placement 
  2. Visually engage buyers/viewers
  3. Training & instruction manuals
  4. Trade show displays
  5. Creating project awareness & understanding



VIZ Graphics - Hospital Cutaway Rendering

Who uses cutaway renderings?

Companies from all over the building sector use cutaway renderings in their marketing or training. From insulation and roofing, HVAC, building science technology & even warranty companies…we’ve seen a lot of variety over the years. 

In this example, you can see how Owens Corning uses an interactive cutaway rendering to show their residential insulation and roofing products – and more importantly where they are applied in the home.


How do you get a building cutaway rendering?

VIZ makes it simple to get a building cutaway rendering. We offer stock cutaway renderings on our online store. You can purchase them directly today and use them for whatever purposes needed. 

Or if you need a custom cutaway rendering, branded to your specific needs we’re here to help. VIZ has been creating cutaway renderings for over 12 years. Give us a call or contact us directly.


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