Construction Phase Renderings

Construction Phase Renderings

Construction Phase Renderings

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  • On January 28, 2016
3D Construction Renderings Progression

Construction Phase 3D Renderings

Brookfield Residential SoCal was looking for a unique way to show home buyers the construction progress of their new purchased home. The goal was to keep the buyer excited and informed throughout the home-building process.


After we heard their needs, we comprised a solution of 8 renderings to show each major phase of construction. Brookfield Residential then used the renderings in a client portal to keep home buyers informed and excited while they wait for their new homes to be completed. Check out the different phases below.

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Construction Phases

Phase 1 – The Lot is Sold

Construction Phase 1 Rendering - Sold Lot

Phase 2 – Foundation

Construction Phase 2 Rendering - Foundation

Phase 3 – Framing

Construction Phase 3 Rendering - Framing

Phase 4 – Interior Walls

Construction Phase 4 Rendering - Interior Walls

Phase 5 – Cabinets & Fixtures

Construction Phase 5 Rendering - Cabinets & Fixtures

Phase 6 – Flooring

Construction Phase 6 Rendering - Flooring

Phase 7 – Final Walkthrough

Construction Phase 7 Rendering - Final Walkthrough

Phase 8 – Ready To Move In

Construction Phase 8 Rendering - Complete

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