February Marketing Strategies

  • Posted by VIZ Graphics
  • On February 28, 2020

Our main focus in February has been the tools VIZ provides to help market your projects through out the entire build process. It’s important to incorporate a multi level marketing partner early on to help streamline your marketing needs.

Have you struggled to get design or city approval for your construction project?

Everyone has felt the pressure when it comes to getting project  approval, especially when you have very specific design guidelines. Submitting 3D Renderings of your street scene with colors, materials, and landscaping puts city officials at ease, gaining approval faster. Your team can make revisions and design edits more efficiently which helps save time and money. Whether it’s a single-family unit, a multi-family complex, or a commercial lot, using 3D models can help the marketing process at every point in the build. Our team at VIZ creates Exterior Renderings, Site Maps, 3D Aerial Maps, and Floor Plans that coincide with your projects needs.


So now your project is approved, but how do you make sure you are marketing it to its full potential?

Your project needs to appear on the big websites like Zillow, Realtor.com, and New Home Source, to help sell faster. Website design affects how quickly and efficiently you sell your projects. Imagine being able to market straight from your company homepage with a dynamic feed. VIZ creates seamless web designs that allow you to market your projects on all the major platforms without all the headaches.

Earlier this month we launched Thrive Home Builders new website. We worked with them on specific layout requests they needed to obtain the full marketing goals they were reaching for. While offering hands-on help throughout the entire process, we were able to come up with creative solutions and a sleek design that surpassed original expectations.

“We just completed our new website with VIZ Graphics along with renderings and interactive floor plans. We chose VIZ because they are a small, local, hands-on company who will always pick up the phone when you call.”

Susan Elovitz,
Director of Marketing Thrive Home Builders

50% of home buyers turned to the internet last year to research & purchase, but what about the other half?

Interactive content is crucial to customer experience these days.

When you can engage potential buyers with touch screens, interactive kitchen viewers, and even virtual reality home tours, you are encouraging them to approach and get involved. An Interactive Sales Center is a key component to the sales process when potential and current buyers visit the development site.  With the ability to custom-tailor the needs of each buyer and sales space, its easy to get creative. Providing a unique experience for everyone means regardless of their style, they’ll be visualizing themselves in the space in no time. 

How can VIZ streamline your marketing needs? Get in touch so we can discuss your next project!

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