How to increase sales and marketing efforts

How to increase sales and marketing efforts

  • Posted by escott
  • On April 28, 2022

How are you increasing your sales and marketing efforts? In a world full of distractions, sales and marketing efforts without the “it” factor go unnoticed no matter how unique and authentic your concept is. Obsessing over strategy, goals, and timing is essential, but creating the first impression speaks volumes about your success.  So how do you create an experience with the “it” factor? Visualization. 

There is power in visuals. Take your audience somewhere special by showing visual imagery to communicate your message. Take a look at a few visualization creations that are helping our clients achieve the IT factor.


Renders are incredible sales and marketing tools that help pre-sales. Using 3D interior and exterior renders by VIZ will help sales of units, single-family homes, and more before anything is even built. With less face to face interactions, you must be using all the sales and marketing tools available to sell every project online.

According to Douglas Elliman of New York, 83% of people looking to purchase a house said that photos are essential in their buying decision. This means that most possible buyers will heavily consider the images you use to list your home in deciding whether or not to buy.

These days almost everything is done online. So why not take your marketing and pre-sales there too? VIZ specializes in being the whole package. By integrating our floor plans, interior and exterior render, and virtual tours, your communities will be the best-selling units on the market. Take Summit Blue, for example. VIZ completed floor plans, interior and exterior render, virtual tours, and site plans! Summit Blue sold all their units in phases 1 & 2! Check some images below.


VIZ has a combined 50+ years of industry experience. Our team of professionals partner with our clients to produce the best sales and marketing tools, from 3d architectural visualizations to interactive experiences. Reach out today so we can get started on your next project with the best sales and marketing efforts!

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