June Marketing Trends

  • Posted by VIZ Graphics
  • On June 30, 2020

How do you sell more homes with less face to face interactions?

Let’s face it. Normal is not “normal” anymore. Or at least won’t be for quite some time. So, how do you sell more homes with less face to face interactions?

We’re going to look at three specific things that can help you attract more buyers in these ever-changing times. 

1. A website that drives traffic.

If you don’t have a website, then we REALLY need to talk. If you do, is it driving as much traffic to your homes as possible? With Zillow and other MLS websites in abundance, it’s important that your website is not competing against, but complementing these listing.

Enter the power of VIZ Communities. Manage all your community and property information from one spot, making sure any MLS or Zillow links will point back to your site. There, that wasn’t so hard now was it?

2. Virtual home tours

Did you know that having VR tours available online keeps buyers looking at your website 5 to 10 times longer? Zillow claims that their VR tours have increased by 188% in recent months. It’s important you stay ahead of the market and use VR tours to your advantage. VIZ creates realistic virtual tours for every project, including multi-family, single-family, and custom homes.

3. Neighborhood Maps

Besides the home itself, neighborhood is the leading factor buyers look at when choosing a home. Don’t trust a Google Map to point out what’s relevant to you target buyer.

VIZ creates interactive neighborhood maps that highlight exactly what you want your buyers to see. Showcase shopping, restaurants, recreational sites and more all while maintaining your projects’ unique brand.

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