March Marketing Strategies

  • Posted by VIZ Graphics
  • On March 24, 2020

Interactive content is here to stay, so what marketing tools are you using to engage potential buyers?

At VIZ we offer a wide variety of interactive marketing tools to help sell your next project. Whether you need interactive floor plans, engaging kitchen viewers, VR Tours of an entire home, or aerial and site maps, VIZ has you covered. Creating visually pleasing and easy to use interactive content will launch your marketing tools to the next level.

So, where do you begin?

Interactive floor plans are a great starting point

Buyers can see floor plans and layouts with all the options offered, and get a more customized feel of a home. Want to see what the expanded garage look like? Or even the fully finished basement? It’s all right at the touch of a button. Educate buyers on all the options available and let them feel in control of the home buying process. VIZ specializes in incorporating interactive content to help start influencing the mind of buyers!

Try this example below!

First Floor Options

Optional Study

Optional Fireplace

Interactive kitchen viewers

So you’ve marketed the layout and options of the home, now let’s talk kitchens.

Everyone knows that the kitchen is one of the first rooms to attract buyers. By providing your buyers with more options and interactive viewers, they get a sense of ownership. VIZ creates kitchen viewers customized to your design needs. Go with packages your community has chosen, or create a more customized option and let your buyers select individual fixtures, tiles, appliances and more. Keeping potential buyers engaged & excited leads to more conversions, which is ultimately the end goal for everyone. Kitchen viewers are a great way of achieving this retention.

Try a preview of each below!

Kitchen Package Viewer

Kitchen Options Viewer

Virtual Reality Tours

Now that you’ve covered your floor plans and kitchens, whats next? Virtual Reality tours are a great way to market to the home-buyer. VR engages buyers by creating a 1:1 scale of an environment. With true spatial recognition, buyers immerse themselves and see what the home has to offer, even before it’s built. Potential buyers can view and change layouts in a private setting, helping create that sense of ownership in their tour. Virtual Reality Tours are no longer a thing of the future, and at VIZ we encourage incorporating them into every project.

Interactive Community and Site Maps

It’s time to look outside the home for a minute. Another key component of marketing your building project is location. What’s nearby that can attract buyers, or where is the lot located in the community? These are questions all buyers are asking. We’ll look at this in two parts, community and site maps.

Community Maps

Community is now the #1 amenity buyers look for. Sure there’s Google Maps but can you really set a narrative in that environment?  Interactive community maps are a great way to show buyers what the community has to offer. By choosing what local stores, parks, schools, and attractions to display, you can showcase exactly what attracts your targeted demographic. With interactive options, potential buyers will become engaged and hold their retention longer. (Interactive content increases the retention of your messaging by 79%.)

Site Maps

Interactive site maps are a great tool to use when marketing a neighborhood. Designed to meet each home builders requirements, interactive site maps are customized to show specific plan details for every lot. With data-driven updates, lots reflect up-to-date pricing, availability and other information that buyers find helpful.

VIZ is here to help

Interactive content doesn’t have to be hard to navigate. VIZ is committed to being with your company every step of the way. Let us get started on building the future of tomorrow!

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