March Marketing Trends

  • Posted by VIZ Graphics
  • On March 22, 2021

Video killed the infographic star

According to recent data trends, video marketing has become one of the most preferred method for consumers to learn about a product or service. In addition, statistics tell us that if your website includes video it is 50 TIMES more likely to appear in organic search results. That is because Google pushes pages with video content higher than pages that do not include video.  

This trend is likely to continue to grow so companies are seeking to incorporate video as effectively as possible. So, what happens when your product or service is not exactly camera-ready? You rely on technology to create animations and videos for you. Captivate your audience and give them an in-depth look at what makes your brand better with 3D animation, virtual tours, and other motion graphics. 

Once you have video, it is perfect for any promotional avenue (except print of course but you knew that). Social media LOVES video, it not only stops the mindless scrolling, but it is enjoyable, sharable, commentable (not a word? It should be). Websites, as mentioned above, perform better in search and also engage readers who then stay longer on your site. When sent via email your reader stops to take notice. Your consumers, and your marketing results benefit leaving you looking like a hero.

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