Marketing Trend – Dusk Renderings

Marketing Trend – Dusk Renderings

  • Posted by VIZ Graphics
  • On January 29, 2020

What’s the next real estate marketing trend for 2020, you may ask? Based on the number of requests we’re getting, it’s residential exterior renderings that show the property at dusk.

Here are renderings of some projects we’ve completed recently that feature the properties at sunset. When you’re selling a home, the realtor will have a variety of pictures taken to feature in the listing and the twilight hour is always the magic hour. So it only makes sense that when selling new construction, builders and developers would follow suit.

With these completed renders, it’s easy to see why the dusk setting is so popular these days.

Every builder and developer wants to pre-sell as many properties as possible, and the more a potential buyer can experience the home, the better. Whether that’s through renderings at various times of day, an interactive sales center or a virtual tour, experiences matter. Regardless of which tools you use, consider adding a rendering at dusk to round out your sales and marketing efforts.

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