May Marketing Trends

May Marketing Trends

  • Posted by VIZ Graphics
  • On May 28, 2021

Step into My Cloffice 

What started out as actions to make our home/office/family life work during the pandemic have evolved into concepts that are here to stay. Most people spent more time than ever at home, and it turns out they weren’t really happy with their space. Remodels saw unexpected increased growth and homes sales hit a record high as people sought after more comfortable, versatile, and appealing places to live.  Houzz and Pinterest exploded with content on how to create amazing kitchens, outdoor spaces, and makeshift workspaces. Old concepts like the cloffice (a closet that doubles as an office) and ADUs became new trends as people maximized each area looking for more usable space. And while life returns to ‘normal’, the lesson that our home does really lead a double life – be it our movie theater, favorite restaurant, gym, or work zone (or all of that!) – will certainly shift that way homes are designed going forward. 

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