May Marketing Trends

  • Posted by VIZ Graphics
  • On June 1, 2020

It’s no secret that virtual home sales are beginning to skyrocket.

With less face to face interactions, it is important that you are using all the tools available to sell every project online.

With a majority of home sales happening online, site unseen, more homebuyers are looking to technology to help them make a decision.

Did you know that 46% of online homebuyers found virtual tours very helpful? That’s because VR tours allow them to view a home and get a sense of the space and what the home has to offer. Virtual tours also allow buyers to view multiple properties, from the comfort of their own couch. Including virtual tours by VIZ to your marketing tools will help you adapt to the new virtual world we are becoming more accustomed to.

Floor plans are an important part of selling a home online.

Using interactive floor plans lets your potential buyers see what added garages and finished basements would look like before the home is even built. Getting a sense of what your market audience is looking for before you ever start construction saves time and money. VIZ creates sleek looking floor plans for every project, including single-family homes, townhomes, or custom homes. Providing potential buyers with more custom floor plan options give them a sense of ownership and can create more substantial sales leads. Make your websites more interactive with all the tools VIZ has to offer. 

It’s not just about the home anymore though.

Buyers want to see what the property and neighborhood have to offer also. Interactive site maps allow potential buyers to get a feel of the neighborhood itself and also the surrounding area. You can showcase grocery stores, coffee shops, schools, and much more, giving potential buyers more tools to make an educated decision on buying a home. Having interactive site maps will take your marketing tools to the next level and help you stand out from the competition.

Stay ahead of the market with all the virtual tools that VIZ offers. The world is turning virtual and we are here to help you transition with easy to use interactive sales tools for every project. Contact us today for a free quote.


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