October Marketing Trends

  • Posted by escott
  • On October 30, 2020

VIZ ~ Evolving your customer’s journey.

The customer journey is an ever-changing path, and for the past 12 years, the team at VIZ has been evolving along with those changes. COVID-19 challenges have catapulted businesses into a remote selling environment and having the right tools is fundamental. VIZ creates technology-based sales tools to help show off your products, services, homes, and businesses including:

  • Web-Based Interactive Sales Centers
  • Website Strategy and Design
  • 3D Visualization (interior/exterior renderings, cutaways, interactive floorplans, virtual tours)
  • Custom Mapping Solutions
  • Interactive Site Plans
  • Product Animations   

We build the things that build your business!

Start with the basics. 

Every consumer search starts with the desire to fill a need or solve a problem: needing another bedroom, tired of stairs, wanting to add security, looking for better insulation. Having the right information to instantly show how your product or service is perfect for their needs helps consumers match their needs to your business. Visually appealing floorplans, cutaways showing behind the walls, and interactive functionality are some of the ways to instantly connect with your buyers.  

Take it one step further. 

We know that consumers use emotions to influence buying decisions. Does something make them happy? Does it just feel right? And even, Does this make the most logical sense? (feeling secure about a decision is an emotion). Connecting on this level moves a consumer closer to making a decision, and finding ways for consumers to feel emotions about your business can be tricky when someone can’t see you in person. 360 tours, product viewers, VR experiences and other interactive tools customized with your unique brand helps someone get a closer look, allowing them to create a bond with your product or service. 

Location, location, location.

There is a reason this has been a mantra for decades, people buy something only when it fits into the right setting. There can be several attributes of a location, maybe it’s the actual neighborhood, ease of commute, proximity to shopping, or even the direction of the driveway. Neighborhood maps, community site plans, and customized area mapping solutions are just some of the ways you can connect a buyer to your location, location, location. 

Now, take this all to the cloud. 

Having the right sales tools has always been important, but having them accessible to your buyer anywhere and anytime is now the new normal. Taking the tools your sales team uses in-person and hosting everything online allows your sales team to have virtual meetings without losing any impact. Whether is a virtual appointment with one client or an online trade show, having your marketing solutions in the cloud just makes sense. 

At VIZ we strive to be the best marketing partner for our clients. We build the things that build your business; including 3D Visualization, 3D Modeling, Web design, and more. Contact us today to get a free quote!

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