Photoshop Building Exterior

Photoshop Building Exterior

Photoshop Building Exterior

  • Posted by VIZ Graphics
  • On February 12, 2016

The Matrix Group recently purchased a building in the South Denver Metro area. As part of this acquisition they wanted to re-vamp the exterior of the building to better reflect the brand of the building they had created.

They leaned on VIZ Graphics to help achieve this goal not by using renderings, but by manipulating photos of the current structure.  After supplying desired colors, materials and ideas the final version gave them a clear direction to move forward with the exterior renovation.

Below you can se the original photo supplied my Matrix and the final version supplied (click on photo to enlarge). 

Photoshop Building Exterior - Before
Building Exterior – Before 

Photoshop Building Exterior - After
Building Exterior – After 

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