Real vs. Render

Real vs. Render

  • Posted by escott
  • On April 1, 2022

In the 3D architectural visualization industry, creating realistic images is top priority. Our team at VIZ puts all their time and effort into making sure our renders and cutaways are as realistic as possible. Seeing these real and rendered images side by side always blows us away. But it isn’t just the images themselves that sell, so why use renderings instead of real images?

The architecture/construction world sees plans years in advance before ever breaking ground to build. Being able to visualize the building/home/product before it is ever built has many benefits:

1: Gain approval from city faster with renders

2: Get funding easier with good images

3: Spot problems before building

4: Finalize design & save money

5: Pre sell units/homes and sell faster

Renderings and cutaways have all these benefits to your build! Lets get started today. Check out our stock cutaways for something quick or contact us to create custom ones for your specific projects. Here are some of our top real vs render images!

Our goal at Viz Graphics is to bring your project to life. We consider each proposed physical element and connect it to the space where it lives. We celebrate the small details and illustrate each benefit so your audience can visualize your product before it becomes real. We tell your story in a comprehensive yet easily understandable format. And with an experienced in-house team with a passion for architecture, technology, visualization, marketing, branding, sales and business development you can be assured the assets we create for you will catapult your sales and marketing efforts.

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