Save time & money with a 3D model

Save time & money with a 3D model

  • Posted by VIZ Graphics
  • On July 29, 2019

Frame walks are the essential time during construction to check a project before drywall and avoid any pitfalls before the final phases of construction. We all know this process can be grueling, cause further changes, delays, and ultimately cost more money, cheddar, moola.

Fret not! VIZ creates 3D models during SD and DD to provide a digital frame walk of a project. Working seamlessly with your architectural teams and consultants, we create a more accurate representation of your designs before anything is built. This process cuts down on time and the amount of “changes” before  construction even begins. VIZ is collaborating with companies like Quadrant Homes and Woodley Architecture Group to represent designs quicker and work though site challenges, color schemes, and grading to make decisions faster and ultimately save you $$.

Use 3D models & renderings to get projects approved faster.

Armed with a 3D model & renderings, Quadrant Homes was able to gain city approval for a new community with a special variance. They were able to present streetscapes, lot color schemes, proposed landscaping and major grading changes all in 3D. City officials were able to see the project in its entirety and grant approval with minimal rounds of submissions.

From city approval to major design decisions, companies are recognizing the value of having a 3D model as soon as possible. It just makes “dollars & cents”.

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