A suite of visuals improves the sales experience


A suite of visuals improves the sales experience

The Sales Center experience is always evolving. After a 4-year history of working with McStain Neighborhoods alongside Anderson Marketing Solutions – 3D renderings, virtual tours & interactive solutions have changed the way they approach the buyer experience.

2014 - Indian Peaks South

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McStain Neighborhoods is faced with the same headaches as any home builder. Sell more homes faster, and spend less doing it. With a need to reduce costs and improve the buyer experience, in 2014 VIZ was hired to build their first Interactive Sales Center (ISC) for Indian Peaks South, a 300 home master-planned community in Lafayette, CO.

The lessons learned from this first ISC were valuable not only for the buyer experience, but from a time management and efficiency perspective as well. Buyers were asking less questions about floor plan options for example, and staff was spending less time reprinting costly brochures and maps when designs were updated. McStain decided to expand upon this interactive sales model for their next community.

2018 - Lost Creek Farm

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In 2018 again along with Anderson Marketing Solutions, VIZ was contracted to create an ISC for a new community in Erie, CO. Lost Creek Farms. This ISC would improve on the buyer experience by offering full 3D exterior renderings, 360° virtual tours, interactive floor plans and site maps all created by VIZ.

This workflow allowed for a seamless integration of graphics and tours into the ISC without having to involve multiple vendors. The final result allows McStain to engage homebuyers well before construction begins, earning 2 pre-sales before having a model home built.

Shawn Weiman, McStain Homes

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“When there’s not a model available, having the Virtual Tours provides a lot more WOW factor vs the hand-drawn images we used to create. Our sales staff notices that families now have an easier time deciding which plan to buy.”

By creating a suite of visuals, you can:

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  • Give your buyer a full understanding of the home before construction begins
  • Allow remote buyers to continuously engage with the project and showcase your work
  • Save time and money on your pre-sales and marketing efforts

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