Tradeshows and Our Products

Tradeshows and Our Products

  • Posted by escott
  • On March 8, 2022

What’s so special about cutaways?

Building cutaway renderings are a great asset to have in your marketing tool bag. There’s a lot of applications for a cutaways, but here are the top 5 ways you can use a cutaway rendering;
-Show product placement
-Visually engage buyers/viewers
-Training & instruction manuals
-Trade show displays
-Creating project awareness & understanding
Choose from a wide variety of stock cutaways on our website, or let us create a custom one to your product and needs. It is never too late to start designing for the next big trade show!

What’s so special about our renderings?

When the US spends an average of $24 billion dollars on trade show displays, it’s important yours stands out! 

Our high res renderings are perfect for large trade show displays that will be an eye catcher. Take for example these renders we did for Moisture Shield. You can see the vibrant colors and eye catching designs from far away and they pull in a crowd quickly. 


Why animation?

Animated cutaways can be used at tradeshows, educational training, and product development meetings! A stand alone 3D cutaway is great, but an animated one is better! This animation we completed for Owens Corning is simple yet effective in catching the eye and keeping engagement up. Our team specializes in animations for every project. Don’t forget to check out our portfolio page to see more finished animations and more for previous clients. 

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