3D Building Cutaway Renderings

Peel away the walls.

  • Give your audience a behind the walls look.
  • Explain how your product or services works within a building.
  • Step up your sales, marketing and trade show game.

3D Building Cutaway Renderings

Explain complex information through detailed graphics.

3D Building Cutaway Renderings help identify products and components within a building or structure. VIZ Graphics works with you to identify what layers of information you need to communicate to your audience.

3D Stock Cutaways

Download now and start using right away

Available off the shelf for purchase. Use stock cutaway renderings in print, web, trade shows or marketing campaigns. 

Need your cutaway rendering customized? We can tailor any stock cutaway image to fit your specific needs, from components to colors and materials.

Make your Cutaway interactive

Create interactive walk-throughs with product detail behind every click.

Interactive Cutaway Renderings incorporate clickable pins to zoom in & reveal more information regarding that area of the image, explaining detailed information with a click of a button.

VIZ Graphics